We're Adriana and Isabelle!
We love languages and we're here to help you with all of your French and Spanish translation and proofreading needs!
  • Translation from/into French
  • Translation from/into Spanish
  • Proofreading in Target Languages
  • Technincal, Legal, Medical, & Personal Document Types

The Linguistic Duo

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Adriana Marachlian

Spanish Language Professional
Adriana is a native Spanish speaker from Venezuela, who has been studying science for what must be eons now. She obtained a degree in Biology and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology along with a Creative Writing Specialization from Houston Baptist University. Then she went on to get a Masters in Biology from Baylor University, because one degree in Biology was not enough. She is currently on her third year of Medical School, so she can definitely diagnose you.
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Isabelle Bateson-Brown

French Language Professional
Isabelle earned her B.A. in French (and a few other things) from The Ohio State University and her New York State Teaching Certification in French from Buffalo State College. She also studied Spanish (but she leaves that to Adriana these days), Latin, and Medieval Occitan. She is currently working towards her M.A. in Museum Studies.