French Translation & Proofreading

Do you have a document in French that you’d like translated to English? Or, maybe English to French?

Are you looking for a second set of eyes on a document you’ve written in French?

If you are, or if you have any other French language related project, you’re in the right place!

In the past I have translated legal documents, technical brochures, and a variety of personal documents (as well as some medieval poetry back in college but let’s not talk about that).

Translation – French to English: $0.12/per word or $30/per hour.
Translation – English to French: $0.12/per word or $30/per hour.
Proofreading in French: $20/hr (an estimate of required time will be given based on the document)


*all prices are subject to adjustment on a document and timeline specific basis. I’m happy to talk about options so tell me more to get a specific price!


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