Spanish Translation & Proofreading

¿Tienes un documento que necesitas traducir de Español a Ingles? Or English to Spanish?

Are you frustrated with you Spanish homework? (Maybe with Spanish in general, who are we kidding.) Would you like someone to look it over to catch those tricky punctuation and spelling mistakes we’re all bound to make?

Be it a school essay or a fiction piece or anything within the medical field, we here at Spangliench would love to help.

I have experience working in Medicine in both English and Spanish, as a physician-in-training and a translator. I have also translated academic and fiction pieces, but I’m more than willing to help with anything else you might need!

If you would like to see a sample of my work or get more information, just shoot me an email at

Translation – Spanish to English: $0.11/per word or $30/per hour.
Translation – English to Spanish: $0.11/per word or $30/per hour.
Proofreading in Spanish: $20/hr (an estimate of required time will be given based on the document)

*all prices are subject to adjustment on a document and timeline specific basis. I’m happy to talk about options so tell me more to get a specific price!

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